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We not only can maintain the quality in stability, but also we can develop new products for the requirement of our customers

Dyes for Leather (Page 1)
Code Product Color Index Dye Cloth
LT-201 Bryleather Light Yellow G Acid Yellow 117
LT-203 Bryleather Light Yellow 5G Acid Yellow 40:1
LT-205 Bryleather Fast Orange GS Acid Orange 33
LT-206 Bryleather Fast Red RS Acid Red 114
LT-207 Bryleather Scarlet GS Acid Red 111
LT-211 Bryleather Brilliant Red 3B Acid Red 172
LT-212 Bryleather Fast Rubine 5BL Acid Red 299
LT-213 Bryleather Brilliant Red 10B Acid Violet 54
LT-214 Bryleather Brill.Violet N-FBL Acid Violet 48
LT-215 Bryleather Cyanine G Acid Blue 90
LT-216 Bryleather Brill.Blue RAWL Acid Blue 80
LT-217 Bryleather Blue AS Acid Blue 25
LT-218 Bryleather Cyanine 7BF Acid Blue 100
LT-219 Bryleather Brilliant Blue R Acid Blue 62
LT-220 Bryleather Fast Blue PR Acid Blue 129
LT-221 Bryleather Brilliant Blue 6B Acid Blue 83
LT-222 Bryleather Navy Blue R Acid Blue 92
LT-223 Bryleather Cyanine 5R Acid Blue 113
LT-224 Bryleather Cyanine GR Acid Blue 120
LT-225 Bryleather Fast Black BR Acid Black 24
LT-226 Bryleather Brill.Green 5G Acid Green 28
LT-227 Bryleather Brill.Green GS Acid Green 25
LT-228 Bryleather Brill.Green 3GM  
LT-230 Bryleather Yellow GW Acid Yellow 61
LT-231 Bryleather Brill.Yellow 6G Acid Yellow 44
LT-234 Bryleather Brill.Blue 5GM Acid Blue 142
LT-235 Bryleather Black VL Acid Black 26
LT-236 Bryleather Orange E-3R Acid Orange 3