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Manufacturer and Distributor of Dyestuffs for textile,Leather,Paper,Organic and Inorganic Pigments, Intermediates,etc.


Dyestuff (dyes for textile, fabric, yarn, wool, polyester, cotton) (teinture aux treillis, tissu, coton, laine, polyester)

Disperse dyes Weak acid dyes Neutral dyes
Acid dyes Acid complex dyes Mordant dyes
Cationic dyes Alkali dyes Direct dyes
Sulphur dyes Reactive dyes Vat dyes
Soluble Vat Dyes (new) Liquid Dyes (new) Printing Colors for Textile

Oil Solvent dyes Organic Pigment Inorganic Pigment

Chemicals Food Additives Essence
Intermediate Food Dye Medicine

Products Sort by Usage
Dyes for Soap Dyes for Leather Dyes for Paper
Liquid dyes For Paper

Camphor Tablet

Laundry Chemicals and Dyes
Toilet Rim Block Blue Laundry Powder Colours

!!! Please note that the shade card shown on this website are subject for reference and expressing a general idea of dyes only. Since the variations of actual colour due to resolution differentiation of screens or hardware configuration are too common and unavoidable, the actual colour of dyes can only be expressed through samples.

!!! For the further up-to-date product list, pls contact us in e-mail or fax since. It is because that our business scale is growing , therefore, more and more products are adding into our category.