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We not only can maintain the quality in stability, but also we can develop new products for the requirement of our customers

Dyes for Soap
Code Product Color Index Dye Cloth
SO-217 Brysoap Blue AS Acid Blue 25
SO-222 Brysoap Navy Blue R Acid Blue 92
SO-227 Brysoap Brill.Green GS Acid Green 25
SO-403 Brysoap Golden Yellow G Acid Yellow 36
SO-409 Brysoap Rhodamine 2GL Acid Red 1
SO-410 Brysoap Red B Acid Red 14
SO-411 Brysoap Red A Acid Red 88
SO-413 Brysoap Naphthol Red 6B Acid Violet 7
SO-417 Brysoap Turquoise AS Acid Blue 7
SO-421 Brysoap Anthraquinone Blue 2RL Acid Blue 25
SO-424 Brysoap Blue B Acid Blue 45
SO-428 Brysoap Black 10B Acid Black 1
SO-430 Brysoap Nigrosine Acid Black 2
SO-442 Brysoap Yellow N Acid Yellow 23
SO-605 Brysoap Light Green GS Mordant Green 25
SO-926 Brysoap Fast Supra Blue BRR Direct Blue 71
SO-929 Brysoap Green BE Direct Green 6
SO-1214 Brysoap Brill.Green XBN Vat Green 1