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We not only can maintain the quality in stability, but also we can develop new products for the requirement of our customers

B.R.Y. Food Dye
Code Product Color Index
FD-1801 Sunset Yellow C.I.Food Yellow 3
FD-1802 Tartrazine C.I.Food Yellow 4
FD-1803 Quinoline Yellow C.I.Food Yellow 13
FD-1804 Ponceau 4R C.I.Food Red 7
FD-1805 Amaranth C.I.Food Red 9
FD-1806 Erythrosine C.I.Food Red 14
FD-1807 Allura Red C.I.Food Red 17
FD-1808 Indigo Carmine C.I.Food Blue 1
FD-1809 Brilliant Blue FCF C.I.Food Blue 2
FD-1810 Apple Green /
FD-1811 Milk Chocolate /
FD-1812 Brilliant Black C.I.Food Black 1
FD-1813 Titanium Dioxide White C.I.Pigment White 6