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We not only can maintain the quality in stability, but also we can develop new products for the requirement of our customers

B.R.Y. Liquid Dyes (Page 1)
Code Product Color Index Dye Cloth
LQ-114 Bryliqd Yellow Brown 2RFS Disperse orange 30
LQ-117 Bryliqd Scarlet S-3GFL Disperse Red 54
LQ-123 Bryliqd Red FB-E Disperse Red 60
LQ-128 Bryliqd Rubine SE-GFL Disperse Red 73
LQ-133 Bryliqd Blue FBLN Disperse Blue 56
LQ-136 Bryliqd Navy Blue H-GL Disperse Blue 79
LQ-240 Bryliqd Red F-2R Acid Red 151
LQ-306 Bryliqd Black M-SRL Acid Black 194
LQ-321 Bryliqd Brown 2S-BL Acid Brown 355
LQ-403 Bryliqd Golden yellow G Acid Yellow 36
LQ-405 Bryliqd Orange II Acid Orange 7
LQ-439 Bryliqd Violet 2R Acid Violet 1
LQ-502 Bryliqd Black WAN Acid Black 52
LQ-701 Bryliqd Yellow 10GFF Basic Yellow 40
LQ-702 Bryliqd Flavine 7GL Basic Yellow 24
LQ-704 Bryliqd Yellow 5GL Basic Yellow 51
LQ-705 Bryliqd Yellow 2RL Basic Yellow 19
LQ-706 Bryliqd Golden Yellow GL Basic Yellow 28
LQ-707 Bryliqd Brill. Red 5GN Basic Red 14
LQ-709 Bryliqd Red GRL Basic Red 46
LQ-710 Bryliqd Red 2GL Basic Red 29
LQ-711 Bryliqd Red GTL Basic Red 18
LQ-712 Bryliqd Red 2G Basic Red 18:1