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We not only can maintain the quality in stability, but also we can develop new products for the requirement of our customers

Paper Liquid Dyes
Code Product Color Index Dye Cloth
LQ-403 Bryliqd Golden yellow G Acid Yellow 36
LQ-405 Bryliqd Orange II Acid Orange 7
LQ-439 Bryliqd Violet 2R Acid Violet 1
LQ-704 Bryliqd Yellow 5GL Basic Yellow 51
LQ-722 Bryliqd Black 2RL N/A
LQ-723 Bryliqd Black RL N/A
LQ-724 Bryliqd Red M-RL Basic Red 51
LQ-726 Bryliqd Black 2G N/A
LQ-727 Bryliqd Black BO N/A
LQ-740 Bryliqd Blue M-RL Basic Blue 52
LQ-801 Bryliqd Auramine Basic Yellow 2
LQ-802 Bryliqd Chrysoidine Basic Orange 2
LQ-803 Bryliqd Rhodamine B Extra Basic Violet 10
LQ-804 Bryliqd Magenta Basic Violet 14
LQ-805 Bryliqd Methyl Violet 5BN Basic Violet 3
LQ-806 Bryliqd Victoria Pure Blue B Basic Blue 7
LQ-807 Bryliqd Methyllene Blue 2B Basic Blue 9
LQ-808 Bryliqd Malachite Green Basic Green 4
LQ-809 Bryliqd Bismarck Brown G Basic Brown 1
LQ-810 Bryliqd Victoria Pure Blue R Basic Blue 11
LQ-811 Bryliqd Victoria Pure Blue B Basic Blue 26
LQ-812 Bryliqd Basic Brilliant Green Basic Green 1
LQ-815 Bryliqd Bismarck Brown RC Basic Brown 4
LQ-817 Bryliqd Basic Cyanine N/A
LQ-818 Bryliqd Methyl Violet BB Basic Violet 1
LQ-908 Bryliqd Fast Yellow RS Direct Yellow 50
LQ-911 Bryliqd Fast Orange S Direct Orange 26
LQ-914 Bryliqd Fast Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23
LQ-919 Bryliqd Violet N Direct Violet 1
LQ-920 Bryliqd Fast Turquoise Blue GL Direct Blue 86
LQ-923 Bryliqd Sky Blue 5B Direct Blue 15
LQ-941 Bryliqd Fast Black GN Direct Black 19
LQ-942 Bryliqd Fast Black GF Direct Black 22
LQ-951 Bryliqd Fast Red 5BL Direct Red 81
LQ-952 Bryliqd Fast Yellow 3GX Direct Yellow 6
LQ-960 Bryliqd Fast Turquoise Blue FBLL Direct Blue 199
LQ-977 Bryliqd Fast Black HEF Direct Black 168
LQ-1003 Bryliqd Yellow Brown 5G Sulphur Brown 10
LQ-1005 Bryliqd Blue BRN Sulphur Blue 7