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We not only can maintain the quality in stability, but also we can develop new products for the requirement of our customers

B.R.Y. Soluble Vat Dyes (Page 1)
Code Product Color Index Dye Cloth
SV-1201 Bryswa Vat Yellow GCN Vat Yellow 2
SV-1202 Bryswa Vat Yellow G Vat Yellow 1
SV-1203 Bryswa Brilliant Pink R Vat Red 1
SV-1204 Bryswa Scarlet R Vat Red 29
SV-1205 Bryswa Brilliant Violet RR Vat Violet 1
SV-1206 Bryswa Dark Blue BOA Vat Blue 20
SV-1207 Bryswa Blue BC Vat Blue 6
SV-1209 Bryswa Blue RSN Vat Blue 4
SV-1210 Bryswa Dark Blue VB  
SV-1211 Bryswa Indigo Pure Vat Blue 1
SV-1213 Bryswa Blue RNX Vat Blue 43
SV-1214 Bryswa Brilliant Green XBN Vat Green 1
SV-1215 Bryswa Olive Green B Vat Green 3
SV-1216 Bryswa Brown G Vat Brown 68
SV-1217 Bryswa Brown GG Vat Brown 72
SV-1218 Bryswa Brown R Vat Brown 3
SV-1219 Bryswa Dark Brown BR Vat Brown 1
SV-1220 Bryswa Olive R Vat Black 27
SV-1221 Bryswa Olive T Vat Black 25
SV-1222 Bryswa Grey BG Vat Black 29