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We not only can maintain the quality in stability, but also we can develop new products for the requirement of our customers

Dyes for Paper (Page 1)
Code Product Color Index Dye Cloth
PD-205 Brypaper Fast Orange GS Acid Orange 33
PD-215 Brypaper Cyanine G 400% Acid Blue 90
PD-218 Brypaper Cyanine 7BF Acid Blue 100
PD-219 Brypaper Brilliant Blue R 200% Acid Blue 62
PD-221 Brypaper Brilliant Blue 6B 350% Acid Blue 83
PD-222 Brypaper Navy Blue R Acid Blue 92
PD-223 Brypaper Cyanine 5R 120% Acid Blue 113
PD-224 Brypaper Cyanine GR Acid Blue 120
PD-227 Brypaper Brill.Green GS 200% Acid Green 25
PD-243 Brypaper Yellow 3GS 200% Acid Yellow 72
PD-245 Brypaper Violet-Red BB Acid Red 154
PD-253 Brypaper Milling Orange G Acid Orange 56
PD-254 Brypaper Scarlet G Acid Red 97
PD-261 Brypaper Turquoise Blue 3G Acid Blue 185
PD-401 Brypaper Light Yellow 2G 120% Acid Yellow 17
PD-402 Brypaper Light Yellow G Acid Yellow 11
PD-403 Brypaper Golden Yellow G Acid Yellow 36
PD-404 Brypaper Orange G Acid Orange 10
PD-405 Brypaper Orange II Acid Orange 7
PD-406 Brypaper Scarlet 3R Acid Red 18